[Final Chapter] Considering how to prevent falls

Considering how to prevent falls

Prevent fall accidents by providing scaffolding and handrails, etc. at places having a height or 2 m where there is a risk of falling. If these measures are difficult, prevent fall accidents by using fall arrest equipment and safety nets.

These points are clearly stipulated in industrial safety and health laws and regulations.

Safety nets (horizontal nets and protective nets) can cause problems in terms of ease of work, so generally speaking there are increasing opportunities to use fall arrest equipment, and that alone can prevent many fall accidents.

Conversely, many business sites and workers do not observe even this simple safety measure.

Every year, nearly 6,000 workers fall, and have to take four or more days off from work.

You should appreciate, once again, that it’s not difficult to take measures to prevent falling.

The purpose of working is to live, so workers should never get injured, let alone die.

★ Follow the rules on fall prevention at all times.

★ Be a KY (risk prediction) person.

(* Improve your sensitivity and insight into danger, and be able to protect yourself)