Workplace Accidents and Human Error

What is human error?

The construction industry experiences the most frequent workplace accidents of any industry.
Among fatal accidents, the overwhelming leading cause is falling, followed by accidents caused by construction equipment and the like. Accidents due to human error by workers, such as falling without wearing safety harnesses and collisions with heavy equipment moving in reverse, are happening at an alarming rate.

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Why does human error occur?

To come up with ways to safeguard against human error, let’s first consider the underlying reasons why human error happens.  

【1】The 12 Categories of Human Error

【2】Take a look at latent causes, too

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How do we prevent human error?

In light of the underlying reasons why human error occurs, let’s consider some safeguards to prevent workplace accidents that are caused by human error.

【1】Is it difficult to implement safety precautions at construction sites?

【2】Specific countermeasures

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